Equipment Diagrams

Enclosed Equipment – Van Trailers

Open Equipment Types

Legal width cargo width is 8’6.
Oversize Permitting is available for moving “Oversize Loads” which are Wide, Long, Tall, or Heavy.

Flatbed – Up to 48,000 #’s plus, routine legal load capacity.
Legal height of cargo up to 8’6.  Legal width up to 8’6


Expandable Flatbed – 40’ to 75’.  Up to 44,000 #’s, routine legal load capacity.
Legal height of cargo up to 8’6.  Legal cargo width up to 8’6

Expandable Flatbed

Step Deck – Up to 47,000 #’s plus, routine legal cargo capacity.
Legal height of freight up to 10’4.  Legal width up to 8’6.
Many Stepdecks are equipped with loading ramps up to 16’ Long.

Step Deck

Detach Double Drop – Up to 40,000 #’s plus, routine legal cargo capacity.
Lower Well routinely 24’ – 32’ Long.  Routine legal cargo height up to 11’8.

Detach Double Drop

Glass Trailer – Double Drop equipped with a Glass loading Center Frame and Tarping system.

Glass Trailer

3 Axle RGN Lowboy

3 Axle RGN Lowboy

Expandable Double Drop – 26’ to 52’ cargo space in the “Well”.

Expandable Double Drop

Drop Deck Expandable – 37’ to 60 cargo space on the Lower Deck.

Drop Deck Expandable

Pontoon – 4 Axle Lowboy


Dropside Lowboy – Low Deck on each side of I-Beams (Same side view as I-Beam below)

RGN I-Beam Lowboy – no deck on outside of Center I-Beams, to wheels of cargo (Construction Machinery for example) can hang down.

RGN I-Beam Lowboy

9/10/11 Axle Lowboy

9/10/11 Axle Lowboy

9/10 Axle Expandable Lowboy (Not Shown)

12/13 Axle Lowboy

12/13 Axle Lowboy

6 Axle Steerable Dolly(Not Shown)

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