Commission Schedule

Fixed Brokerage Commission – Standard Margin Schedule


Market Rate Quote $ Amount


FBC $ Minimum

200 to < 500



500 to < 1000



1000 to < 1500



1500 to < 2000



2000 to < 5000



5000 >




Providing Proven Cost Effective Transportation Strategies That Work!

This schedule of charges is used to arrive at an actual declared and fixed dollar amount commission fee based on and included within the Market Rate, rounded to the nearest $5, and listed as the “Fixed Brokerage Commission” (FBC) on your Duregger Logistics Market Rate Report. Our exact wholesale carrier cost is reported to you on the Pick Up and Load Agreement (PURLA) purchase order on a load by load basis. This practice keeps you in touch with current Market trends on your actual shipments creating a shipment cost history which is in line with industry averages. This unique practice keeps our customers out of the dark and in control.


Now We are Ready to “Shop the Market” For You

This amount remains constant as we shop for favorable rates and service for your desired transportation. This practice allows us to go to the market on your behalf as a trusted “extension of your traffic department” and negotiate the best service at the lowest cost. You are able to know exactly how your money is being spent securing your desired transportation. Your cost follows the market and you gain any advantage achieved as we make extraordinary wholesale transportation purchases for you. This creates a “Win, Win” situation.


Agreed Negotiated Margins are Available

“Agreed Negotiated Margins” are also available featuring discount or premium margins which take into account the level of ease, simplicity, volume, complexity, additional services desired, or other factors involved in handling your shipments.


Thank You for your Cooperation, Understanding, Confidence, and Trust!



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