LTL Discount Guide





This guide will assist you in rating and quoting LTL freight (Partials or Partial Loads) in relation to prevailing truckload rates. It is not meant to be authoritative, or a rate tariff, simply a measure to apply against a Truckload Market Rate for Flatbed, Van or Reefer (driver no-touch, palletized – no exchange). When this guide is used, the probability of having an acceptable rate and finding a carrier interested in hauling the shipment is good.


The guide was developed over years of brokering LTL freight from the Midwest. You may find you will have to develop one peculiar to your region. In either case, having a “rule of thumb” guide speeds the rate quote process and is no more an accurate guide than fixed rate tariffs. The Guide’s purpose is to provide consistency and effectiveness in the Partial Load rating process.

To use, simply find the appropriate T/L rate and apply the percentage discount to the rate to determine total dollars of the rate.


Divide the trailer into quarters. Load must meet criteria in each segment to be considered for the rate percentage.


If it doesn’t meet all criteria, rate at the next higher percentage for the given the miles.




Rule: All rates to be adjusted upward 10% for loose freight & pallet exchange.

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