How Duregger Logistics Reduces the Cost of Interstate Over the Road Truck Transportation and Improves Efficiency

“How Duregger Logistics Reduces the Cost of Interstate Over the Road Truck Transportation and Improves Efficiency”

By Tom Duregger,

We Reduce Freight Costs:

  • By making sure that you know the real Market Rate No artificial rates here.  We research and report the actual industry-wide average lane-specific contract Market Rates being paid for similar shipments.  This knowledge alone provides a huge savings for shippers.  We use a large truckload rate database which analyses over 12 million freight bills every month.  This gives you accurate buying power, by avoiding either overpricing or under pricing your desired transportation. 

Got a Hot Load?  Pay enough for time-critical and expedited service without overspending.  If you intentionally want your load to be priced to the carriers as a Preferred Load, knowing the Market Rate and the exact freight broker commission contained therein enables you to control how much the actual carrier is paid in order to get the service you want cost effectively.  We help you do this with precision. If a lot of your freight is time-critical, getting this right is a must.


  • By moving shipments at or up to 20% below the Average Market Rates for Flatbed, Stepdeck, Van, and Reefer Loads, Truckload (TL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL, Partial Truckload).  Greater savings are possible for RGN, Oversize, Heavy, Super Heavy, and Extreme Heavy Haul shipments.


  • By using Customer Set Target Rates.  If your rates are working for you now, yielding trucks for your loads, they will work for us also.  We help our customers find workable rates for their loads based on real market data the customer’s actual needs.   


  • By utilizing Backhaulers who work directly for us, we access the wholesale transportation marketplace, getting the best service at the lowest costs as an industry wide known and credit worthy wholesale buyer of transportation.  It is a fact that backhauling carriers will charge up to 60% less when returning home or heading to their next retail load commitment.  The carrier that we assign to your load works directly for us, we will have the driver’s name, phone #, truck, and trailer # on hand.  Your load is never “Double Brokered”, and we never move freight for other Freight Brokers or Motor Carriers. 

Taking multiple commissions from a paying load has a deleterious effect on the actual hauling motor carrier and inflates the cost to the shipper.  Double Brokering costs the shipping world an estimated $1.7 Billion/year in lost revenue, revenue not received by those actually trucking the load.  The lost revenue, can also be defined as “fat” to be carved out of the estimated $8.8 Billion shippers paid for trucking in 2008 (both private and public carriage).


  • By working for you as your “Travel Agent for Freight” our services actually cost you nothing, as they are included in the competitive pricing used on each shipment.  The carrier industry is highly fragmented, with some 300,000 qualified, but small trucking operations, many consisting of less than 10 trucks each, many with impeccable service, safety, and equipment records.  We are privileged to provide necessary and appreciated freight connections for these carriers. 

We are one of the very few (less than 3% of Freight Broker Licenses) who has chosen to conduct their business as a non-liable (travel agent) type freight broker, which we see as the only logical function of the License in the first place. 


  • By providing greater carrier price negotiating strength for our clients as we market loads to interested carriers without revealing our client’s or their suppliers or customers identities.  Carriers will price freight based on just “who” they are selling to.  By the carrier not knowing “who” the client shipper actually is, we are better able to secure lower prices for our clients.  These savings are passed directly on to our customers; our actual carrier costs and our fixed brokerage commissions are clearly reported to our customers for each transaction, in writing.


We Improve Efficiency:


  • By giving you instant access to thousands of qualified carriers through your single credit approved relationship with Duregger Logistics.  We may use up to 80 different backhauling carriers to move 100 loads, cost effectively.  Each carrier we use is selected and qualified in terms of appropriate Motor Carrier Authority, Insurance Acord, W-9, and D.O.T Rating, from the several hundreds of thousands of available carriers nationwide.


  • By simplifying your office, freeing up your valuable time when you assign your shipment to Duregger Logistics for all carrier load price negotiations, communications, truck setup contracts, misc. paperwork, dispatch, & billing.  This frees you up to concentrate on your core business.


  • By being a “Pure Cost-Plus Broker” who fully defines the Carrier “Cost” and the Brokerage Fee “Plus” for every transaction.  “Pure” means that this is all we do.  We are not the alter ego of either a shipper or carrier and are focused on your needs and protecting your interests.  We are “someone who cares” about your shipment.   

 Our “Fixed Brokerage Commission Schedule” is published on our website, when coupled with knowing the Market Rate; this practice provides a basis for load pricing and carrier pay reporting accountability. 

Most of the “Big Boy” trucking companies (500 Largest Carriers) broker freight to other carriers, as most carriers do, but they are generally not impartial and transparent price wise, and many times, you may not know who the actual “carrier of record” is (who is actually hauling your freight), until the actual truck shows up.  They may never know who actually hauled your load.  This creates serious communication, carrier qualification, and liability issues.


  • By working transparently for you, as an extension of your traffic department, as your skillful travel agent of freight.  Client confidentiality is highly guarded.  Additionally, our Carrier Cost, the name of the Carrier actually hauling your freight, and Driver contact information for each shipment is reported on every Customer Load and Rate Agreement (CLARA).  The CLARA defines each move and is submitted to you, prior to loading, for your approval and recordkeeping.


  • By utilizing transport expertise and financial responsibility that comes with 37 years of industry participation in which we have never failed to pay a carrier, employee, or vendor.  Choose your freight transportation provider carefully.  Whether he is a Freight Broker, or a Carrier who brokers your loads to other carriers, you must realize that, by law, if the actual Carrier of Record (the carrier whose equipment actually moved the freight) is not paid, the Shipper, by law, will have to pay them.  Because of this, some shippers have paid for the same loads twice.


  • By consulting with our clients regarding their Transportation Needs to find out exactly what is required, admired, and desired from their providers.  We then implement proven cost effective solutions so that the client’s intended outcome is accomplished every time.  We listen carefully and are results driven.


  • By meticulously contracting for the desired trucking, making sure all gets done as planned.  We get consistently good results from our carriers because we provide complete instructions for each shipment in our written and carrier signed Rate and Load Confirmation Contracts.  Each shipment is managed by us though contract enforcement, requiring the carrier to complete each contract as agreed.  Copies of these underlying contracts are available to our customers upon request.


  • By anticipating complications ahead of time and introducing improvements in the planning stage in order to avoid problems and providing supervision to the contracted carriers, keeping your shipment “on track”.


  • By Shipping Document creation and/or provision to remote locations, such as, draft Bills of Lading, Dock Receipts, and other necessary paperwork, when needed.


Spend less of your time and treasure making transportation arrangements.


Ask us to move one of your routine shipments today…


You will see how we can benefit your operation…


I am not asking you to change your entire operation.


I am asking for an opportunity to improve your transportation…


One load at a time!


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