How does Duregger Logistics reduce transportation costs for his customers?

“How does Duregger Logistics reduce transportation costs for his customers?”

He saves his clients money 5 ways:

  • By defining the actual average lane specific Market Rates being paid for similar shipments.  This alone provides a huge savings for many shippers.
  • By moving shipments quickly at or up to 20% below the average Market Rates for Flatbed, Stepdeck, Van, and Reefer Loads.  Greater savings are possible for RGN, Oversize, Heavy, Super Heavy, and Extreme Heavy Haul shipments.
  • By attempting to moving shipments at lower, Customer Set Target Rates.
  • By using backhaulers I access the wholesale transportation marketplace getting the best service at the lowest costs as a known credit worthy wholesale buyer of transportation.
  • By providing anonymity for my clients to bidding carriers I am able to get lower prices.  These savings are passed directly on to my clients.  The actual carrier costs and fixed brokerage commissions are clearly communicated to my customers.

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