Founding Principles

Proven Financially Responsible & Listed in the Prestigious “Gold Book of Transportation Brokers

After 33 years of Over the Road trucking as an Independent Owner Operator, as a Small Fleet owner, and most recently as an Independent Owner Operator, Tom Duregger understands the industry’s need for more of the right kind of transportation broker. Since coming off of the road in November of 2005, Tom has been learning, developing, and implementing a philosophy of transportation brokerage operations which is fair, honest, and respectful of both the Shippers and the Carriers.

This method of conducting brokerage operations is as an extension of the shipper’s traffic department where the level of confidence and trust can grow deeply over time as good stewardship with the shipper’s transportation dollar is realized and appreciated by the clientele. The carriers involved know that the service and rate negotiations with this broker are real negotiations on behalf of the shipper customer, not just another case where the brokerage is beating down the rate for its own greedy gain; that is, charging its shippers prices which are in no way connected with the brokerage’s actual carrier costs for those shipments.

Tom says that, “Operating with brokerage fees defined to our clients makes this possible”. He believes that it is the key that unlocks the doors of this “tri-lateral mutual respect”. “My desire”, he says, “is to establish and keep ongoing, positive Shipper-Broker-Carrier relationships which set the services provided by Duregger Logistics apart from all the rest. The main idea here is to provide a personal service for our clients. Sure, we ask our clients to “trust us”, but we are not asking for blind trust. This transportation brokerage operates in an atmosphere of mutual trust which involves real accountability which is built into the process.”

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